Neufluence is a SaaS marketplace that simplifies building recurring revenue from multicultural customers with curated, diverse creator matching, campaign expertise, and analytics tools.

Neufluence was built from a commitment to providing an affordable and adaptable marketplace that helps SMEs manage and execute creator campaigns effectively to achieve their business goals. The platform offers strong domain expertise, a diverse community of creators, and automated curation of micro-creator lists to help build brand authenticity to drive more customers from multicultural communities.


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Leadership Team


Angela M. Fisher - Founder - Neufluence | LinkedIn


Angela Fisher, Founder & CEO

Angela Fisher is a former entertainment executive with 10+ years of experience building and launching influencer-driven brands for Viacom and AMF Media. She has helped relaunch VH1's urban digital brand and served on the senior team that launched a Viacom multicultural-focused cable network currently named BET Her. Angela has helped brands collaborate with a range of influencers from an emerging level to a celebrity level. She has increase key performance metrics by 50%- 100% digital platforms, campaigns, and events. Some of the brands Angela has worked with include Patreon, Web Summit, Collision, Fiverr, NBC, CBS, VH1, Page Six, and McDonald’s.

Bertrand Karerangabo, Product Strategy

Bertrand Karerangabo is seasoned software engineer with 20+ years of experience working at tp Fortune 500 firms and agencies. He specializes in expert consulting on technology strategy and emerging tech to clients of all sizes on solving hard problems and delivering beautiful experiences. His passions includes DevOps, Front-End development and everything in between. He primarily builds things in JavaScript though some Lisp occasionally sneaks in.

Value Proposition

🐝 Reach Multicultural Customers

With a shifting consumer landscape, innovating how to target and connect with new customer segments is key to longevity and increased market share. Multicultural customers are the new customer segments with over 5 trillion dollars in buying power. Neufluence helps build trust and authenticity to unlock sales from multicultural customers.

💡 Get Curated Micro-Creator Lists

We offer a multilevel diversity search and recommender tool that measures trust and relevance insights from multicultural customers. By prioritizing inclusive data and algorithms , Neufluence helps brands build trust with multicultural customers authentically, faster to optimize their return on investment.

💗 Leverage Micro-Creator Value

Our two-sided community is an ecosystem of value for both sides of our marketplace. Micro-creators increase their value to brands using Neufluence’s tools including a customizable media kit feature with email tracking.


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