LyRise is a platform that helps companies work with vetted AI talents easier & faster 🤖

We're solving the mismatch of jobs and AI talents by assessing, matching and helping manage them with global companies while providing an efficient infrastructure for work.

As a Microsoft partner we’ve worked with companies backed by Goldman Sachs, Kleiner Perkins, AXA and many more.

Our mission is to have an AI expert team in every organization in the world to maximize their impact 🌍


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Leadership Team


Marc Banoub - Founder & CEO - LyRise | LinkedIn

Marc Banoub | Founder & CEO

Marc is Founder and CEO of LyRise, a marketplace for employers to hire top AI talent easier and faster. LyRise was founded to solve the mismatch in AI & Data jobs and talent by assessing, up-skilling and placing Africa’s top AI, Data engineers & scientists in global technology companies.

Marc participated in the first MIT Deep Technology Bootcamp at Massachusetts soon after LyRise launched the first AI and Data Science Bootcamp in Africa at the AI for Good panel Rise-Up Summit.

Marc bootstrapped going all in with his savings of $8K, pioneered numerous advanced AI training programs to up-skill over 150+ engineers, co-certify 60+ (majority of which in partnership with Microsoft) and place 20+ in jobs in the US, UK, Germany and Egypt. Since then LyRise was able to generate >$200K in ARR and have >1.3k AI talents join the LyRise network.

Marc has been was recently selected amongst the Forbes 30 under 30 recipients in the Middle East, to be part of Meet Silicon Valley program, to host Egypt’s first virtual meet-up of the NeurIPS 2020 conference. It was covered as well at the first virtual AI Festival (alongside Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others);  the World AI Summit, and AI for Sustainable Development Goals co-organized by Circle of Sustainable Europe Circle and AI Governance International. It has also sponsored events such as Women in AI Netherlands.




Hazem Youness | Product Manager

Hazem is a technology geek who gets excited by product development and innovation design. On one hand, I love the process of building things, and on the other hand, I love delivering things that make people's lives better through tech solutions.

I have been working in tech for the past 7 years. I started my career as a software engineer then shifted into product management in a baby startup where I joined as the 4th employee and have helped build the organization in what is now a nearly 100-person company in 3 countries with 4+ million users. Over the years, I've worked with cross-functional teams across operations, sales, engineering, design, data, and growth to build the next generation of food aggregators. I also I launched the pickup services in 3 countries and scaled it to hundreds of thousands of ordering users monthly.

Currently I'm working with LyRise on the mission of building an AI expert team in every organization in the world.

Michael Asaad | Chief of People

Michael is a passionate HR Professional started 8 years ago at Pepsico, with multinational experience in Strategic partnering and other functions with a history of driving organizational growth and transformation at a region/global level while managing multi-country. Different growth stages and industries including startups, manufacturing, FMCG, Automotive, heavy industries, ride-hailing tech, food-tech and fin-tech. Michael holds a Bachelor degree in finance and economics, certified PHR, Six sigma yellow and green belt, Certified investigator and auditor, Assoc. CIPD and finally he is registered in the Employer Branding Academy from Universum.

In Addition to the mentioned above, Michael is working now at LyRise in the capacity of Chief of People where he is responsible for the Fulfilment and the all HR Aspect.

Michael is working as strategic expert with E-Youth for Egypt 2030 projects and also registered in The Youth Technology Fellowship Program with the ministry of UAE State for Youth Affairs as strategic expert.

Mahmoud Ibrahim | Growth Marketing

Mahmoud is a seasoned marketer with extensive experiences in a multitude of industries. Early in his career he embarked on several challenging cross-continent projects, from Copenhagen to Manila to Tokyo, where he has developed a knack for cross cultural bridging and value building.

Upon returning to Egypt, Mahmoud helped transform Egypt’s second biggest telecom operator into a market leader in growth by pioneering the portfolio offering mechanism that has now become industry standard. He has since joined and reshaped multiple startup brands including Careem ahead of its acquisition by Uber, achieving growth of +30% MoM in peak months.

Mahmoud’s latest stint is with pan-African marketplace Jumia where he led its marketplace business by focusing on product assortment achieving 25% growth YoY.

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